Pool Safety Checklist – Make the Time

Now the weather is warming up, we spend more time in our backyards with friends and family.

It’s the perfect time to take a minute or two to ensure your backyard swimming pool is safe for children.

Royal Life Saving Australia is targeting every home pool owner with a basic reminder to check, fix and maintain their home pool.

Pool gate

  • Must open outwards from pool
  • Must be self closing and self latching
  • Must latch shut on the first swing

Pool fence

  • Secure and in good working order 
  • At least 1.2m high

Around the pool fence

  • Store pool aids and toys securely and out of view
  • Objects that could be used to climb the fence should be removed from the area

Emergency preparation 

  • Have a resuscitation sign prominent in pool area
  • Learn CPR

Pool Chemicals 

  • Store securely, out of children’s view and reach

For a detailed checklist please visit https://www.royallifesaving.com.au/