5 Ways To Save Money On Pool Maintenance

Maintenance costs of a pool are often higher in the summertime due to an increased frequency of use. Extra chemicals, filters and extra power can all add up over time, however, there are ways to reduce the cost of maintenance of your swimming pool. If you are contemplating installing a pool in your home, the initial cost should not be your only consideration.

Pool maintenance costs can be high with some pools contributing up to 30% of your power bill. On average, Australians spend between $1000 – $1400 on pool maintenance costs per year.

Here is the breakdown of some of the costs if you have an average sized pool (8x4m):

  • A pump costs about $110 per month in summer and $80 a month in winter. The pump runs for about 10 hours a day and over the course of a year, it might cost over $1200 per year
  • Water evaporates in a swimming pool. An average sized pool can lose up to 160 litres per day and the water has to be replaced, along with the chemicals that keep the water clean
  • Another cost of pool maintenance is the chemicals used in the pool and they might cost up to $500. By signing up to our e-club membership program you can save 15% on all chemicals and spare parts on www.shopendless.com.au or at our pool shop at 15 Chapel Street Lynbrook.

So now we know the approximate costs of pool maintenance, how can we save some money?

1.Choose Solar Heating

Solar heating can save quite a lot of money over the lifetime of the pool despite the extra initial cost. Solar heating costs $100 – $200 per year as compared to $250 – $750 for electric heating and $500 – $1500 for gas heating per year.

2. Go for a saltwater pool

Chemicals can really add up – especially during the summer when the water is evaporating at the average rate of 160 L per day for a medium sized pool (8x4m). Every time you need to top up the pool, more chemicals are required to balance the water. So how do we reduce this cost? Salt water pools! Salt water is cheaper and easier to maintain than chlorine and also has the added benefit of being softer on the skin.

3. Use your pool cover

Pool covers can drastically reduce the amount of water evaporation by up to 97% – thereby reducing the need for water top ups and thus reducing the use of chemicals. Additionally, a solar or thermal blanket will help retain up to 85% of heat which reduces heating costs.

Pool covers also trap leaves and debris which puts less pressure on your filters to maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

4. Install a variable speed pump

Conventional pumps can use a lot of energy. To save money on running costs, install a variable speed pump instead. A variable speed pump is 30-50% more efficient than a traditional pump. That translates to lower energy bills. You only need the pump to run at full capacity when you’re cleaning the pool. A variable speed pump allows you to turn down the power when you’re not cleaning the pool. Endless offers our customers the Viron Evo P320 which has a 9 star energy rating and can save you up to $1000 per year.

5. Consider how and when you will use your pool

Some quick, easy ways to instantly reduce the power your pool uses include:

Turning off any water features when you’re not using them, they use extra electricity and can make water evaporate faster.

Turn down your pool temperature when you’re not planning on using it for extended periods of time (ie winter or when you’re away on holidays).

Use off peak electricity to filter your pool. You can program your filtration times so your pool filters the water during off peak times (11pm – 7pm in VIC with most major providers) as this electricity is much cheaper than peak electricity usage.