COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Announcement


To our valued employees, clients, suppliers, contractors and future prospects of Endless Pools and Spas,

Endless Pools and Spas would like to acknowledge the severity and importance of the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak across the state of Victoria, Australia and World as a whole.

As a global concern, we are doing our best and following thorough requirements of health and safety for our staff, current and future clients, suppliers and subcontractors. We are committed to continuing operation and keeping our doors open during this crisis. 

In doing this, each of our staff will be taking utmost care and safety each day. Endless Pools and Spas staff will be taking a proactive approach in mitigating the precautions expected during this outbreak.

We have been closely monitoring the situation, outcomes, updates and requirements, and we pride ourselves in highlighting our values in keeping a safe workplace environment, looking out for one another, and ensuring any visitors have a positive experience from the moment they walk through our doors. This stands before, during and after this crisis, and we emphasize our caution currently.

Our staff will be abiding by the following cautions and conditions to ensure the highest health and safety for one another and our valued clients.


Our strict safety measures for staff include the following:

  • Staying at home if we do not feel 100%, or are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Symptoms include runny nose, dry-cough, shortness of breath and fever
  • Adhere to cough and sneeze hygiene by covering our mouth/nose, following a thorough washing of hands
  • Washing our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap, and the use of hand sanitizer where possible
  • Limit touching our faces
  • Staying home for at least 14 days if we’ve had contact with a potentially infected person – “self isolating”
  • Refrain from attending the workplace for at least 14 days after travel overseas
  • Requesting that overseas travel be delayed
  • Increasing use of hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, paper towels and disinfectant spray – hospital grade
  • Provide sufficient hand sanitizer and tissues around the showroom/offices
  • Ensuring desks are 1.5m apart in practicing social distancing for our staff and clients
  • Entering and exiting the premises is touchless by automatic opening doors
  • Pool and spa installers have been briefed and are taking safety precautions onsite. Installations are still taking place.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning. Each staff is kitted with sanitizer, tissues and disinfectant spray which is required each morning and each night on desks, equipment, bathroom facilities and kitchen areas.


  • Entering and exiting the premises is touchless by automatic opening doors
  • We would request and appreciate all visitors to adhere to the health and safety requirements as per above, and ensure that if you are unwell or experiencing these symptoms, we would respect it if you call us rather than come into our showroom. On entering our showroom (which has automatic touchless doors), we also respectfully ask that you adhere to washing hands using hand sanitizer or washing your hands in our restrooms before touching displays.

These requests are to prevent everybody from contracting the COVID-19.

Our Pool Shop is open, however to protect our staff, like many other businesses, we have decided not to accept cash in store for the time being. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Our staff here at Endless Pools and Spas have been briefed, and are updated on a daily basis with requirements, health expectations and workplace safety and care.

We are not taking this lightly, and by every means we see our staff and clients as our priority in continuing business as usual, while keeping in mind the health and safety of all surroundings.

If you do not feel comfortable leaving your home, however you have been in recent contact with one of our staff in regards to a pool or spa, please call us on (03) 8769 7300, or visit our website and Contact Us at

We also offer a Remote Quoting system in which our experienced sales consultants can assist with a current or potential quote for one of our products.

Thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.