Endless® Pools & Spas Proudly Announces…

The 2020 National SPASA Inaugural Awards of Excellence were recently (virtually) celebrated. The annual awards recognise the consistent development and professionalism of Pool and Spa Companies all across Australia.

Team Endless® are very proud to share the awards won for Endless® Pools & Spas at a Nationally recognised level.

The Highly Commended Awards are as follows:

  • Business of the Year
  • Spa of the Year
  • Pool Sales Representative Award – Rachel Williams
  • Inground Spa
  • Portable Spa.

The Gold Awards are as follows:

  • Best Spa Retailer
  • Spa Sales Representative Award – Rachel Williams
  • Swim Spa.

With 5 Highly Commended Awards and 3 Gold Awards, Endless® Pools & Spas are extremely grateful for the total 8 awards won at the 2020 National SPASA Awards of Excellence.

Each award is a reflection of the positivity, dedication and experience in our team and all of our loyal customers for almost 40 years. 

The common goal for the Endless® team is to care for people. It’s not just about the price, it’s about finding solutions; we believe that’s why we achieve so many sales and have so many happy customers.  

Endless® Pools & Spas will continue to work together and maintain a positive rapport with Customers, including our After-Sales Customer Service. We will continue striving to make a difference to peoples lives by continual improvement in each department, our processes, offerings and client rapports. We want the Endless® Brand to be known for it’s high quality and highly valued products with exceptional Customer Service.

Endless® Pools & Spas would like to thank all of our wonderful Customers, both past and present, our experienced staff members, and the dedication from our Directors, Warren & Jennifer Anderson for 40 successful years. 

Finally, we would like to share a big thank you to SPASA Australia and each of the sponsors involved in the industry and award process.