Holiday In Your Own Backyard

Did COVID-19 ruin your 2020 holiday plans? How do we even plan for a holiday in 2021? 

Well, here’s an idea for you… bring the holiday to your own backyard this Summer with an Endless Swimming Pool. 

We’ve put together a list of considerations that you may like to think about if you’re considering investing in a pool: 

  • The design – think about the balance between outdoor living space and the size of the pool. Our pool consultants can help analyse the best suited pool to your backyard space. 
  • Your timeline – making sure you plan and know when you’d ideally like to have your pool backyard completed by. Did you know on average the actual installation of a pool only takes 5-10 days? You do need to consider however – planning, council approval and scheduling. 
  • Your lifestyle and family needs – choosing a pool does not only depend on the size or shape of your backyard. A few things to consider may be – location for supervision, depth of the pool suitable for young children or the big kids, heating options, maintenance options, and your usage requirements. 
  • Budget – it’s a good idea to think about the project overall – think about your ideas for landscaping and the finished look you want to achieve. 

What to know more?
We’ve developed a planning guide that is a great starting point! Download our Free Pool Planner.

Take the plunge and create your very own backyard retreat this Summer.

To speak to an experienced Sales Consultant and get your pool planning dreams underway, fill in our online Contact Us form, or call us on (03) 8769 7300.