How to Stay Cool in Summer

Are you counting down the days until Summer? At Endless® Pools & Spas, we certainly are!

Whether it is a Monday morning and you’re driving to work with the window down singing your favourite tune, or it’s a Friday evening and you’re pouring yourself a refreshing beverage; everyone loves Summer time and it’s warm weather.

Summer to Team Endless® is about spending quality time with your loved ones, and we think the best place to relax and spend time together, is by a swimming pool!

Here are our Top 10 Hot Tips for staying cool in Summer:

  1. Turn on (and monitor) the air-conditioning in your house
  2. Keep your curtains/blinds closed
  3. Have an umbrella accessible for shade
  4. Buy a portable fan that can be easily transported
  5. Prepare and eat cold meals i.e. salads
  6. Hydrate constantly by drinking lots of water
  7. Wear light clothing – light in weight and colour
  8. Slip, Slop, Slap – sunscreen is important for health & safety, and keeping your body cool
  9. Ice-cream is an essential
  10. And finally, you and your family & friends, can constantly keep cool by swimming in a pool!

A swimming pool not only keeps you cool all Summer long, but it can also keep you fit and healthy; both mentally and physically. A swimming pool can create a beautiful backyard retreat, for you and your family to enjoy all year round. 

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