Tips on Staying Cool in the Australian Summer | Melbourne

4 Ways to Stay Cool in Summer
Looking to beat the heat of summer? Melbourne pools by Endless® Pools are the perfect way to keep cool. Whether it’s a pool party or keeping cool in the afternoon heat, here are our 4 tips for how to enjoy your swimming pool throughout the summer.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated
It’s important to stay hydrated in the heat of summer. Even if you’re splashing about in your swimming pool, being surrounded by water doesn’t mean you can get away without drinking it. Being out in the sun, combined with the exercise of swimming, means you’ll need to drink more than usual. Keep a water bottle by the poolside so that you can stay hydrated, inside and out.

Temper the Caffeine and Alcohol
Just as important as staying hydrated is ensuring you don’t overdo the caffeine and alcohol while you’re using your swimming pool. Both of these are diuretics, meaning you’ll get more dehydrated in the long run. If you’re hosting a group of friends for a pool party or simply enjoying your time in the swimming pool, keep drinking water alongside the coffee or drinks.

Eat Light Before Jumping in the Pool
There’s no better way to spend the afternoon than diving into the swimming pool. Having said that, it’s a good idea to keep lunch light. Eating smaller meals with lighter foods is a great way to avoid the lethargic feeling that comes with the heat of summer. It’s also better for your health to not swim in the heat on a heavy stomach. Instead, keep some food nearby so you can keep snacking as you get hungry from exercising in the pool. Even better, stock up on fruit with high water content, to help you stay hydrated at the same time. Watermelon, anyone?

Always Put on Sunscreen
Always put on sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping outside in summer. We often like to enjoy the swimming pool at the peak of the afternoon, when the UV rays are still strong. Especially without the usual cover of clothing, it’s important to always slap on sunscreen while enjoying a swim in the pool.

Beat the Summer Heat
The best way to enjoy the Melbourne summer is splashing in the swimming pool. Browse the range of pools available with Endless® Pools and Spas.