Acqua Therepé

Instead of adding ‘ordinary pool salt’ in a swimming pool when a salt chlorinator is installed, many customers are upgrading to ‘mineral salts’, namely Acqua Therepé

Acqua Therepé is made up of special minerals that work to soften pool water and create a paramount swimming experience in your very backyard. It converts a typical pool into a lush mineral bath that benefits the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system.

This product not only averts scale and stains but also stops calcium developing in the salt chlorinator cell, heaters, pool interior and equipment. It is simple and is suitable for most salt chlorinators

Acqua Therepé benefits:

  • Creates beautiful, sparkling water
  • Easy to maintain
  • Less irritable to skin and eyes
  • Hair is less tangled after swimming
  • Silky swimming experience