Ultraviolet System


Benefits of Ultraviolet:UV - Delta

  • Instantly rids pool of bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Non-irritant to skin, hair and eyes
  • Saves water and electricity due to less electrics required
  • No chlorine odour due to decreased chlorine levels
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced chemical use
  • Extends pool and equipment lifespan
  • Chlorine free options offered
  • Stress-free to install and maintain
  • Works with salt water chlorinators, solar pool heating and automatic pool cleaners

Delta E40 Specifications:

Max. flow rate 110 GPM
Max. flow rate 25 m3/h
Performance at recommended flow rates 30mJ/cm2
Pressure max. 40 psi – 3 bars
UV lamp power 1 x 90W
Total height 1168mm