Water Features for Pools


Incorporating a water feature into your backyard can really help to complement your swimming pool design. They look great and are ideal for adding a touch of luxury and relaxation to the area.

Did you know that Water Features are not only aesthetically pleasing but benefit the body and environment as well? Water Features generate Negative Ions that naturally increase and purify energy, therefore helping to  relieve depression and stress in the body.

They are available in many different styles and variations such as:

Cascade Water Blades create a beautiful “raindrop” effect along with a tranquil, mesmerising sound to enhance any swimming pool. They are attractive and can even conceal a great deal of storage space for your pool’s pump, filter, chemicals, storage of toys and anything else you would use around the pool.

Silk Flow Water Blades are a very popular waterfall on the market right now. A box with a spout spills out a solid sheet of falling water from a wall. The water goes straight into the pool and creates a beautiful “water blade” effect.

Deck jets are installed into the swimming pool coping and are extremely versatile. They can be adjusted 360˚ making them perfect to suit whatever mood you’re in. The jets project streams of water neatly into the air and back into the pool water to create a dazzling effect. 

Benefits of Water Features:

  • Refreshes the air we breathe by humidifying it
  • Creates a good flow of energy and a calm environment
  • Ideal for Sound & Art Therapy

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