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InGround Spas Features & Options

Neck Jets

Soothe your neck and shoulder pain with the Island’s neck jets.

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Helix Jets

A revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy jetting that makes use of the timeless concept of a helix, a curve in three-dimensional space such as that found in a spiral staircase. This jet design provides a truly remarkable hydro-massage. Engineered with the concept of the double helix in mind, the jets use a right-directional spiral on the inside of the cylinder. This causes water to spiral out in a twisting motion, providing a jet pulsation and heightened massage pressure.


One soothing moment enjoying the FootBlasters and you will agree that it is superior to any other foot massage.

Optional Upgrades

Pulsating Wave

The gentle touch of the pulsating wave is created by water spiralling out in a twisting manner, providing pulsating and massaging pressure.

*Note: Not all features are available in all models within the range. Call us on (03) 8769 7300 to discuss a specific model