About Us

The Endless® story is one of hard work, determination and passion for the spa and pool industry. It all began 35 years ago when the Spa business sector was just beginning in Australia and entrepreneur Warren Anderson had an idea. With the support of his wife Jennifer, he invented the now very renowned ‘Endless Swimming Spa’ and together they created Endless Spas.

Fast forward and Endless Spas is the ‘known and trusted’ Australian spa company winning in 15 consecutive years, the prestigious SPASA Excellence Awards for ‘Best Spa Retailer’. There has been a new family cycle and co-founders Warren and Jennifer Anderson were extremely proud to see the next generation, their three children all working full-time at Endless and taking the business in a new direction.

With the mentoring of their parents, it was Joel, Rachel and Jaclyn Anderson who teamed together to take Endless Spas to the next level of achievements, the pool market. There was only one issue, where do they source the pools from? The juniors set out to find a suitable swimming pool manufacturing business that possessed family values and quality products similar to that of Endless Spas. This is when they discovered Aqua Leisure Technologies in Western Australia.

Aqua Leisure Technologies is also an Australian, family-owned and operated business that has been manufacturing award-winning swimming pools since 1976. They create high quality fibreglass pools and have very similar ethics as Endless Spas. The juniors knew they had made the right decision.

The natural progression was Endless® to start selling pools hence the successful creation of ‘Endless Pools’ The spa division was already selling Swim Spas, a product very similar to pools so they had already developed knowledge on how to market and install pools. Endless Pools became a registered pool building company due to Warren having over 30 years of experience in tiling, construction and manufacturing of spa pools.