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Swimming Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slides

Endless® entertainment and fun for kids of all ages with the our great range of Swimming Pool Slides.
With innovative designs the range includes non-slip ladders, moulded hand grips to provide safety for all users.

Make a big splash with our 4 Swimming Pool Slide Models:

heliX™ Pool Slide

Height: 2.2m
Flume Length: 3.8m
Flume Curves: left or right
Weight Limit: 113kg
Colour Options: sandstone or grey granite

TurboTwister® Pool Slide

Height: 2.6m
Flume Length: 4.3m
Flume Curves: left or right
Weight Limit: 124kg
Colour Options: sandstone or grey granite

Typhoon® Pool Slide

Height: 2m
Flume Length: 3m
Flume Curves: left or right
Weight Limit: 124kg
Colour Options: sandstone or grey granite

Cyclone Pool Slide

Height: 1.3m
Flume Length: 2.08m
Flume Curves: left or right
Weight Limit: 80kg
Colour Options: sandstone or gray granite

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Swimming Pool Slides: Childhood Classics

For many of us, our younger, carefree years were spent doing fun activity after fun activity. Riding bikes with friends. Playing cricket in the backyard. Swimming. And it’s safe to say that swimming was immeasurably more fun when there was a pool slide involved. There’s a simple, timeless thrill to using a pool slide, one that refuses to fade as we grow older. At Endless Pools and Spas, we’ve chosen to embrace our younger selves by supplying the finest range of domestic pool slides in Melbourne. No matter the shape of your pool, we’re confident we have a pool slide for sale that turns up the fun in your backyard to full volume.

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The wonderful thing about slides for swimming pools is that they cater to kids of all ages, which means that if you have a big, vibrant family, no one will be left out when it comes to having fun when the sun is out. Safe fun, too. Our innovative range of backyard pool slides come with non-slip ladders and moulded hand grips so that your kids can slide for hours without the fear of hurting themselves. Kids, by nature, like their fun to be uninterrupted; having a domestic pool slide that is both safe and fun to use without making kids pause their enjoyment is vital to the lasting popularity of your pool slide.

Domestic Pool Slides: Endless Enjoyment for the Whole Family

it’s not just one style of slide for swimming pools that Endless Pools and Spas specialise in. From a gentler, more straightforward slide style like the Cyclone Pool Slide to the slightly curlier pool styles like the Typhoon Pool Slide and TurboTwister Pool Slide to the twirling heliX Pool Slide, no matter what style of domestic pool slide you and your family fancy, we’ll be able to pair you with a slide that every family will love. Our pool slides are light, easy to install, and durable, which is a key attribute, given that kids have endless supplies of energy. They also come in a range of colours, which means you won’t be spoiling the overall aesthetic of your backyard when you install a domestic pool slide.

If you and your family are keen to install a backyard pool with a slide, speak to the friendly, expert team at Endless Pools and Spas about our incredible range of pool slides for sale. We have years of experience supplying stellar customer service when it comes to slides for swimming pools. No matter how particular your pool needs are—whether you need a slide for an inground pool or above ground pool—we’ll have the slide that elevates your pool from somewhere you simply swim to your own water park.