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The endless Foundation

The endless® Foundation

Our Vision is to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

The endless® Foundation was conceived incidentally over 20 years ago, when Warren Anderson, co-founder of endless® Spas, out of nowhere, gave away a portable spa for free to a family, whose son suffered from cerebral palsy.

The mother had come into our showroom with her son and two daughters to buy a spa. Warren was overcome with emotions, as he watched the mother struggle to carry the young boy into the showroom. All he could think of was, how lucky he was to have the three healthy children. After this event, the endless® family decided to look for a worthy recipient every year and as such The endless® Foundation was officially created.

The endless® Foundation has supported numerous families around Australia, either by donating spas outright or reducing their cost to suit the family’s budget in achieving a better spa than previously selected.

The endless® Foundation has not been widely publicized by the company until April 2019. Why the change from anonymity to website story in April 2019? The reason is that we have struggled to find a worthy recipient every year and we would like your help by telling us if you know of someone who could benefit from spa ownership by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

endless® Foundation Stories

Below are the stories of past endless® Foundation recipients. They were selected from recommendations by friends or had just strolled into our showroom by chance and were offered a chance to become a recipient.


Asha was diagnosed with bilateral Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) at the age of 2.5yrs. She had no hip sockets and the top of both her femurs were flat, rather than ball shaped. Since her diagnosis, Asha has had 13 surgeries, including 7 major reconstructions. As Asha entered her teenage years the recovery from surgery became much harder, and following some surgery complications in early 2016, she had reached a low point. Her rehabilitation was difficult and painful. She was missing a lot of school due to chronic pain and getting through a day was physically exhausting for her. A friend suggested that we should look into getting a spa for Asha. They had recently purchased a spa from endless® Spas and could see the benefit that Asha would get from having her own.

Warren and Jenny were amazing, and via the endless® Foundation, offered to help us purchase a spa to suit Asha’s needs – something we could not achieved without their help. Since we have had the spa, Asha has shown a huge improvement. She is now able to do two Pilates sessions per week and her school attendance has increased significantly. Without the spa she would be sore for 2-3 days after Pilates and physiotherapy, but now she is able to jump into the spa after a session and feel well enough to go to school the next day. The improvements in her rehab have meant that she is now the strongest she has ever been and is ready to tackle her next surgery later this month. Given that she is going into this surgery with improved muscle strength we are hopeful that the recovery from this surgery will go a lot smoother than the last. The spa has proven beneficial to the entire family and is a great place for us all to relax. Our son is very sensitive to chlorine, but with the Eco Salt Chlorinator he has had no issues. We are so grateful to the endless® Foundation. It is wonderful to see small businesses giving back to the community in this way. Without their help, Asha would not be in the place she is now – ready to tackle surgery number 14 and get on with living her life.


Early in 2014, my husband and I decided to enquire about getting a therapy pool for our son Kaspar, who has a profound disability. We knew a spa would be wonderful in easing his sore and tired muscles – muscles that are strung tight and often in constant motion due to his cerebral palsy. Kaspar enjoyed hydro therapy at school very much, so we wanted to see if we could provide this blissful relief (and lots of fun!) at home too.

We visited the endless® Spa showroom to have a look. We were immediately taken by the swim-spas. Imagine having both spa and pool in one? A size not too big to heat up, yet big enough to lie back and float… weightless and minus a wheelchair… and with the added therapy of bubbles… It seemed too good to be true!

We approached the sales staff and discussed options and a quote. It was then that we mentioned who the swim spa would be for (our disabled son, Kaspar) and we were told about the endless® Foundation, and that maybe they could help in our purchase. That afternoon we received a call from Jenny. From that point on we were guided throughout the process by Jenny and her experienced team. I spent time preparing documentation and support from additional funding bodies and together we made it happen. The foundation assisted us in making sure the pool had everything it needed for Kaspar. It made such a huge difference.

Jenny, Warren and their staff helped bring something to our lives that we could only have dreamed about – the ability for Kaspar to take part, have fun, and play WITH his younger siblings, cousins and friends. He no longer watched the action go on, but was smack bang in the middle of it! The therapeutic and physical effects of the pool are measurable, but the effect on Kaspar’s emotional and social wellbeing is so huge that even trying to put it into words won’t do it justice. And it fills my heart with joy to have my beautiful boy included – just part of the gang. It is so wonderful for his siblings to connect with their brother in an activity they do TOGETHER. His life, and ours, has been enriched. Thank you for everything, endless® Spas, and the endless® Foundation.


In February 2014, a young mother Sarah Mills contacted endless® Spas with a plea for help. Her daughter Monroe is a beautiful little girl, facing a lifetime of challenges. Monroe, born 21st March 2012 suffers from a rare condition – photo aggravated eczema which means any sun exposure leaves Monroe covered in rashes. Not only does she break out in a rash that is intensely itchy, Monroe becomes lethargic and will barely eat. Monroe has battled this condition her entire life, she has never slept through the night and there is not a day that goes by that Monroe doesn’t spend hours crying in pain. She has spent lengthy periods in hospital and her mum has tried everything to help ease her pain. Sarah’s plea for help was a very emotional and touching story and as such the directors of endless® Spas decided to donate a MicroSilk Bath in the hope of giving some relief to the whole family.


After discovering that Harrison’s mother Dianna had lost funding for a spa, The endless® Foundation phoned her on Christmas Eve and informed her that endless® Spas was going to give her the spa for free. Not only did we provide the spa, we also organised and provided the fencing, delivery, installation, commissioning and a gazebo to protect Harrison from the sun, with the help of our valued contractors. ”Harrison goes in the spa every second day after school and on the weekend he has his spot where he sits. I have my spot where I relax. It has made him very relaxed afterwards and has tea then sits on the couch with me whilst we sing then he goes to bed. I know this is a luxury to some people but the change in Harrison not being so demanding on me once he has had his spa is amazing.

So, if you know of someone or you are that someone, who you consider to be a worthy recipient of the endless® Foundation’s offerings, then submit an application below.