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endless® epitomizes hard work, determination, and passion in the spa and pool industry. Beginning over 40 years ago, founders Warren and Jennifer Anderson pioneered the ‘endless® Swimming Spa’, establishing endless® Spas during the early days of Australia’s spa business. Now, endless® Spas is a trusted name in the Australian market, having expanded its expertise from spas to include swimming pools, leveraging their deep knowledge in Swim Spas to enter and excel in the pool sector.

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About endless® Pools and Spas

Are they many more iconic Australian pastimes than swimming? Given that so many of us live by the coast, it makes sense. And while Australian beaches have a deserved reputation as some of the World’s finest, there is something equally fine about owning your own pool and spa. As so much of our leisure time is spent at home, it makes sense to have a backyard spa or pool to unwind at the end of a busy day.

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What Our Clients Say

After several delays, our pool is finally completed. Many unnecessary issues with coordinating start date but in the very end we are happy with the pool. This wouldn’t have been possible without the professionalism and hard work of our pool installer Josh. He went beyond his duties to make sure that the pool was installed without further issues after all the issues with we had with the Project Manager. Shout out to Rachel for her professional service and care to ensuring the reputation of endless remains.

Lillian Staszczyk

"As an added benefit, I've saved a lot of money because I don't have to go to rehab and physiotherapy as often. It's been a really great way for me to incorporate my training and lifestyle while also having fun with my family in the pool"

Alastair - Jagular Pool

"What's surprised us most is how much we've actually used the spa. We find ourselves in their at least once a week, if not more often"

Amy & Clinton - Maui Portable Spa

"We look out, and we're in paradise, straigh away, you just feel good"

Denise - Vivid Spring Pool
Lisa Vogele
Lisa Vogele
Fantastic service. Tony has great knowledge. Would definitely recommend Endless Spa’s.
Chris Graham
Chris Graham
As you can see from the pictures, some landscaping is yet to be completed, but I wanted to jump online and leave this review in case anyone was sitting on the fence. Make the jump, you wont regret it! Our build was extremely complicated as it involved removing an old pool and space was also restricted. The process started back in November 2021 and I had no idea the can of worms I had opened with the extra engineering works and compliance works due to replacing an old pool. The whole process was an absolute nightmare and I am so thankful for Joel and Cristina’s patience and assistance throughout this whole ordeal. Further issues arose with the two easements on the property, which Endless again managed on behalf with South East Water, Melbourne Water and Local Council. Endless held my hand the whole way with constant advice and also dealing with third party trades when required. I would hate to think of the number of emails sent during the last two years. I was extremely thorough with my research, as this was my family’s dream project and I cannot fault Endless Pools & Spas throughout the whole process. Could not recommend Endless (especially Joel & Cristina) any higher!
Peter W
Peter W
Excellent customer support, after I received multiple spa errors. Initial support was via email, with comprehensive troubleshooting guidance, then follow up phone call, and referral to a technician for a service call. Friendly, rapid response.
Stuart Lancaster
Stuart Lancaster
Great knowledge and service and competitive prices, thanks for your help Joel and the team at Endless Pools & Spas. Highly recommend !!
Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis
Kristie Brown
Kristie Brown
One of the most acclaimed spa and pool companies

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