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Plunge Pools

Plunge Pools and Spas across Melbourne

If you’d love to have your very own place to swim, but your back garden doesn’t allow for a full-sized pool, the team at Endless Spas in Melbourne has something for you! Plunge Pools are an excellent option for people who are content with having a smaller private pool in which to relax. Great for families who want to enjoy splash time with the children, or for swimming and resistance training, our Australian-made plunge pools can be customised to suit any functionality or style. Endless plunge pools can be used in conjunction with our Badu Swimming Systems or Super Swim Pro harness, both of which allow the user to swim in place. Also available with our plunge pools are the ever-popular hydrotherapy massage jets. Medically-proven to relieve arthritis, sleep disorders, acne and more, hydroptherapy has been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Upgrade to heat by gas, solar or electrical heat pumps, and your Endless pool and spa can be used all-year round. Contact our friendly team today to discover which model is best suited to turn your garden into an indulgent oasis.