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Spa Combos

The Pool & Spa Combo: A match made in swimming heaven

Whoever coined the idiom ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ had obviously never heard of the pool spa combo. Having the best of both worlds—a pool to swim laps, play Marco Polo, and lounge on your inflatable, paired with a spa for relaxing, recovering, and socialising—is something we should all be entitled to, especially when it comes to creating the perfect backyard experience. Which is why here at Endless Pools and Spas we’ve created a tantalizing collection of modern pool and spa combinations to both inspire and excite your imagination.
Read MoreThe wonderful thing about a pool spa combo is the versatility it offers. For one, there is the breadth of activities you are afforded by having both. If you’re someone who likes to follow your training session in the pool with a long soak in the spa to recuperate, then having a pool with spa attached will speak to you. Or if you are happy to relax in the spa while the kids ride inflatables in the pool, again, the pool spa combo will tick both boxes. Aside from all the activities you and your family can enjoy with a pool and spa combination, you can also have twice as much fun with the design. From the Triple Channel design that appeals to families of varying age to the Lagoon Spa design that subtly and beautifully connects the spa and pool together, at Endless Pools and Spas we have designs that can either be the star of your backyard aesthetic or complement an already stunning design. Another aspect to consider with a pool spa combo are the materials used. The great thing is you can take advantage of different materials to pair harmoniously with certain designs. Or the materials might serve a more functional purpose. Whether you want a fibreglass pool and spa combo that needs little maintenance and is smooth and non-abrasive for you and the kids or an inground pool spa combo made from concrete that looks stunning amongst your impeccably designed garden, our friendly, expert staff can help you choose the ideal pool spa combination.

Swimming Spa Pools: Truly the best of both worlds

If space in your backyard is an issue or you simply can’t decide on the right pool spa combo, then perhaps a swimming spa pool is precisely what you need. Again, it’s the versatile design that works in your favour. You might like to start with the swim jets on so you can practice your strokes then follow your training session by warming down with your spa jets on; whatever you like to do, a swimming spa from our range will satisfy all your swimming needs. So, check out our wonderful range online and let Endless Pools and Spas pair you with a pool spa combo that transforms your backyard into something extraordinary.