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Athlete's Therapeutic Selections

Cold water immersion and contrast temperature water therapy post-exercise are quickly becoming standard practices among athletes across various sports. At Endless, we specialize in supplying world-class ice baths and recovery pools to Australia’s premier facilities, including Perth Stadium, Salt Health and Fitness at the Pullman, and the Casey Fields Melbourne Demons training facility. This positions us as leaders in delivering the finest water therapy solutions for athletes. Whether you’re seeking a spa pool that offers exceptional sports massage or cold water immersion to alleviate muscle pain and accelerate recovery, we have the perfect solution for you.


What Our Clients Say

As a Barre and Pilates instructor, I am constantly moving my body and have found that taking a daily ice bath is the best thing for my health. Investing in a portable one-person ice bath has changed my life. I feel like a new person after my daily soak.

Amy - 1 Person Ice Bath