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Badu Swimming System

Badu Swimming System (Dual or Triple)

The Badu Swimming System is similar to a treadmill for your Swim Spa as it creates a steady jet stream that allows users to swim continuously on the spot.

The system creates a strong current that bathers can swim against for as long as they want. This Swimming System provides a great workout for endurance training and the ability to burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches. The jets can be adjusted to provide resistance for an enjoyable therapeutic walk, jog or swim, without the harmful pounding and jarring of street exercises.

Badu Systems are synonymous with a high level of quality and are engineered in Germany. They are available in Dual or Triple swim jets and have 4hp swim pumps per jet. The jet nozzles can all be individually adjusted and a massage hose can even be attached to a jet nozzle to deliver a pulsating, relaxing massage

How does the Badu work?

The jets offer a powerful commercial rated pump and control box. The patented square anti-entrapment cover provides undetectable pump suction, so you don’t need as many water intake valves and the ones you have are safer. The adjustable water flow and air regulators control the power and current of each jet.

The Badu Swim Jet System is the most powerful single pump jet system available, using a heavy-duty, energy-efficient pool motor with thermally protected, 56-frame. This PSC switchless design with 4″ plumbing is designed for maximum performance and durability.

  • Family Fun
  • Aquatic Exercise & Therapy with no stress on joints or bones
  • A perfect fit for limited space and varying pool designs
  • Cost Efficient

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