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Crystal AOP UV System

Crystal AOP UV System

The Crystal AOP™ option is the natural way to obtain a crystal clean spa. Using a combination of the Nature2® option, Microfiltration, high efficiency Circulation Pump, UVC, Ozone and ProPure™ Mixer, we are able to achieve maximum water clarity while using far fewer chemicals.

Spa Water enters the optional Nature2 stick where silver and copper minerals naturally destroy bacteria.

Contaminants are then trapped in the Microfilter.

Water is cycled through the high efficiency Circulation Pump filtering water up to 30 gallons (113 litres) per minute.

Air enters unit where the *UV Bulb converts it to Ozone and Hydroxyls.

Water enters the AOP Unit through the injector, drawing Ozone and Hydroxyls from the Chamber. Static mixer combines water, Ozone and Hydroxyls in a scrambled flow.

Water irradiated by Germicidal UVC converts ozone to Hydroxyl radicals through Advance Oxidation Processing. Contaminants are destroyed by intense germicidal UVC, Ozone, and Hydroxyl Radicals.

Water exits the unit to the ProPure Mixer, where water and air is mixed to keep ozone concentrated and isolated to maximize purification to produce the purest sanitized spa water possible.

* 20,000 Hour Rated