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Energy Saving Pumps

Energy Saving Pumps

Viron P520 XT

The Viron P520 XT pump was created by Australian Pool and Spa equipment company, Astral Pool. This product has the ability to not only deliver difficult requests with high flow and pressure but also stay energy efficient.

It features a built in time clock and four daily timer periods. Users can save different speeds for each timer period, making it extremely flexible to use. Floor Cleaning and Water Features can be also be switched on with the use of the time clock.

Larger capacity pumps may be required for larger pools, multiple spa jets, water features and in-floor cleaning systems. The Viron P520 XT pumps 520L per minute and integrates electronic power factor correction that delivers additional declines in power consumption, even on the highest speed.

Viron P320 XT

The P320 Pump XT is perfect for average sized swimming pools. It features a flow rate that can back wash sand filters, provides a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drives up to 6 spa jets.

The Pump includes a display screen that shows the motor’s RPM and allows users to alter the start-up time, priming flow rate and display of each speed setting.

Like the Viron P600 XT, the Viron P320 XT also features an inbuilt 24 hour timer that provides four time periods everyday with altered speed settings to deliver the perfect flow rate for your pool.

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