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Gas Heating – LPG or Natural

Heat your Pool all year round with gas heating, available in both LPG and Natural Gas.

They are not only energy efficient, but also fast heating with an included electronic touch control and electric ignition.

Gas heaters are commonly used in Pools as they provide flexibility for the pool owner due to their ability to heat up so rapidly.

They are easily able to maintain the owners desired water temperature and can usually transform a cold swimming pool into a heated one within a day, regardless of the time of year or the pool’s location.

This makes this type of heater ideal for entertaining.

It works by burning gas inside a combustion chamber containing copper piping coils.

The pool water is then pumped into the heater and flowed through the copper piping.

The heated water then flows back into the pool. They can be switched on and off when required and operated by an automatic timer.

Benefits of Gas Heating:

  • Saves on operating costs
  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Condensation produced is collected and returned to the pool
  • They are small in size to save backyard space
  • Year round swimming
  • Maintains a consistent and even temperature
  • It is fast and very reliable to heat a pool up
  • Perfect for last minute pool parties



The HNRG Gas heater swiftly heats a pool using energy efficient speed pumps. This product is dependable, smaller in size and will decrease operating costs. It is available in Natural Gas or LPG and features pre mixed combustion for lower emissions.

HINRG 175  Size: 590mm     kW Output: 39

HINRG 250 Size: 656mm     kW Output: 55

HINRG 400 Size: 855mm     kW Output: 90

JX Heater

The superior JX gas heater is fan forced and constructed for wall mounting. It is perfect for restricted spaces, both indoors and outdoors. It features a forced draft combustion system that lowers clearances from windows. Being wall mountable, the JX heater is easily maintained and will save space in your outdoor area.

JX130    Size: 520mm x 299mm x 755mm

JX160 Size: 651mm x 299mm x 755mm

CSD130     Size: 651mm x 299mm x 755mm

HX Heater

The HX gas pool heater is high performing and requires less upkeep. With its electronic touch controls and electric ignition, the HX gas heater is the perfect option for heating a pool on demand. It is available in the two varieties listed below.

HX70   Size: 720mm x 320mm x 415mm     Volume: 0.074m     Weight: 21.0kg     Gas Connection:  15

HX120 Size: 820mm x 390mm x 515mm     Volume: 0.162m     Weight: 25.0kg      Gas connection: 20