Introducing ground-breaking Graphene Nano-Tech,
innovative new technology in fibreglass pools.

A new generation of swimming pools designed and engineered like no other Used in swimming pools, graphene nano technology enhances the characteristics of the fibreglass laminates and has the following benefits for our pools:
  • Graphene is over 200 times stronger than steel and stronger than titanium, giving you our strongest pool ever
  • Increased strength and rigidity of the pool’s structure
  • Higher impact and flexural strength 30% lighter
  • Graphene is surprisingly light, giving our pools exceptional strength without added weight
  • Our new technology reduces weight while improving rigidity and flexural strength
  • Pools are stronger without being heavier
  • Lighter for transport and crane lifts Higher resistance
  • A Graphene Nano-Tech pool has a higher resistance to water and moisture transpiration and chemical attack
  • Increased laminate durability
  • Improved corrosion barrier

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