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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Light up your own personal backyard retreat with the help of LED lighting. Installing these lights not only makes a Swim Spa look more inviting, but also allows for a safer swimming environment. With an optional programmable timer, LED lights are extremely energy efficient and even offer colour change options.

LED Lights used for Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy, also known as Colour Therapy, is a healing technique that improves our physical health and daily mindset. Seeing certain colours is believed to affect our feelings, moods and emotions. To help get your daily dose of Colour Therapy, LED lighting in a Swimming Pool can be utilised. Differing colours can dictate different moods. Such as:

Blue – has many health benefits that help to make relaxing easier, reduce blood pressure and sooth breathing. Blue lights have also been proven to alleviate inflammation and improve blood circulation. It certainly does all good things for our ageing health.

Red – helps energise and stimulate the body and mind. It also adds to your pulse rate and creates the mood for a little bit of romance!

Green – is believed to decrease irritability and sleeping disorders as well as help bring forward a more peaceful mindset.

Yellow – promotes happiness and can help aid digestion.