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Auto Water Leveller

Auto Water Leveller

Waterco’s Auto Water Leveller wipes out the need for pool owners to pay attention to the level of the water. Therefore adding more time for enjoying the pool!

Maintaining the right water level is vital for preventing the possibility of a pump failure. This can be occur due to water evaporation or leakage and can be quite expensive to fix.

The Waterco Auto Water Leveller is installed close to the pool and in the ground. It is then connected to both an alternative pool inlet and fresh water supply. It stays unused until the pool’s water level goes under or over a precise point. It will then increase or decrease the water as appropriate to re-establish the correct level.

Auto Water Leveller benefits:

  • Completely automated process
  • Overflow connection
  • Child proof lock down cover
  • Straightforward servicing and connection

Get the best from your swimming pool with an Automatic Pool Filler

An often neglected but vital element to the health of a swimming pool is the water level. Keeping the right water level means keeping the pool performing its absolute best, which means you and your family can safely and regularly enjoy swimming in it. Sadly, swimming pools are susceptible to losing water daily, which means that you must constantly be aware of their water levels.

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At Endless Pools and Spas, we understand that you don’t want to spend all your free time analysing the water level of your swimming pool, which is why we stock the highest quality automatic pool fillers in Melbourne. No matter the size and shape of your pool, an automatic pool leveler from us can keep your pool at the perfect level, without the need for you to constantly measure the water level. Not only will this save you time, it’ll give you peace of mind.

While at first glance it mightn’t seem clear that your swimming pool is losing water every day, if it is left unchecked it will lose water daily until it becomes noticeable. Things such as evaporation (the most common cause of water loss), splashing, overflow, leaks, and backwashing can all cause your pool to lose water. This is where an automatic pool leveler can help. With a completely automated process, it can keep the water level at its best level.

A pool filler such as a Waterco Auto Water Leveler has a design that makes it both easy to install and easy to use. The device is installed close to the pool, with connections to both the pool and a fresh water supply. The device stays dormant until the water level falls beneath the correct level. When this occurs, the automatic pool filler leveler will pump water into the pool until it rises back to the correct level.

You must keep the water in your swimming pool at a certain level for a couple of reasons. One, if you don’t maintain a certain level of water, it can put added strain on both your pool equipment—such as your pool pump—and the structural integrity of the pool. Two, if the water level drops considerably, the pool will become too shallow to swim in, which is dangerous for anyone who uses the pool. With an automatic pool filler, you can keep your family safe and extend the life of your pool and pool equipment.

If you want to forget the stress of having to maintain the correct water level in your swimming pool, get in touch with friendly, expert team at Endless Pools and Spas. We have over 40 years of experience helping locals in Melbourne build and maintain swimming pools. No matter what kind of pool you have, we’re confident one of our automatic pool levelers can keep your pool swim-ready while saving you time and money keeping it that way.