Auto Water Leveller


Waterco’s Auto Water Leveller wipes out the need for pool owners to pay attention to the level of the water. Therefore adding more time for enjoying the pool!

Maintaining the right water level is vital for preventing the possibility of a pump failure. This can be occur due to water evaporation or leakage and can be quite expensive to fix.

The Waterco Auto Water Leveller is installed close to the pool and in the ground. It is then connected to both an alternative pool inlet and fresh water supply. It stays unused until the pool’s water level goes under or over a precise point. It will then increase or decrease the water as appropriate to re-establish the correct level.Water_Leveller_4dc73bff0b62e

Auto Water Leveller benefits:

  • Completely automated process
  • Overflow connection
  • Child proof lock down cover
  • Straightforward servicing and connection