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Cartridge Filtration

Viron CL Cartridge Filter

The Viron Cartridge Filter is a useful product to use when filtering debris from a swimming pool. It requires little upkeep and saves pool owners up to 10,000L of water annually. This product features a fully injected moulded shape for durability and uses antimicrobial elements to keep pool water hygienic and safe to swim in.

Viron Models:

Model Filter Area M² Max. Flow Rate lpm Weight kg Height mm Width mm
Viron CL 400 38 800 48 734 586
Viron CL 600 57 800 50 1034 586

ZX Cartridge Filter

The ZX Cartridge Filter was built with the environmentally friendly and water restricted areas in mind; this filtration system aims to save water whilst maintaining excellent water filtration and clarity.

The ZX Filter uses just 100L of water to clean the antimicrobial elements, instead of a standard filtration system using thousands of litres to clean sand filters. It is available in 6 different sizes and has flexible configuration as well as an easy to remove lid, making it very user friendly.

As the ZX Filter uses quality components and high quality elements the antimicrobial treatment will last the life of the filter equipment. The filter will reduce the growth of algae, bacteria and microbes, meaning less maintenance work for you and makes swimming safer for the whole family.

ZX Models:

Model Filter Area M² Max. Flow Rate lpm Weight kg Height mm Width mm
Viron CL 400 38 800 48 734 586
Viron CL 600 57 800 50 1034 586
Cartridge Pool Filters: Leaders of the Pack

If you’re looking to keep the water in your backyard as pristine and sparkling as the water surrounding a tropical island, then a cartridge pool is what you need. A cartridge pool filter system will not only keep the water as clear as glass, but its superior design will also cut down on both your energy bills and the wear and tear of pool equipment. At Endless Pools and Spas, we have an impressive range of cartridge filters for swimming pools, so no matter what size or shape your pool is, we have the cartridge pool filter that will make sure that having fun—and not cleaning—is the top priority for you and your family.

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What sets cartridge pool filters apart from sand filters is their attention to detail. Rather than filter the pool water through sand, a cartridge pool filter system filters water through a cloth-like material. The result is that the cartridge filter catches much finer particles and debris that a sand filter would otherwise miss. The larger surface area of the cloth also means that more debris will be caught than if the water was filtered through sand or recycled glass.

Another benefit of installing a ch5artridge pool filter is the maintenance of the filter itself. While cartridge pool filters are, be design, low maintenance, when it comes to cleaning the filter, it’s a refreshingly quick and simple process. All you need to do is remove the filter and use a normal garden hose to wash it clean. And the wonderful thing is, you’ll only need to do clean your cartridge pool filter 2-4 times a year. Which, again, means more time to focus on fun and not on cleaning.

Cartridge Filters for Swimming Pools: Discover the Difference

At Endless Pools and Spas, we understand that sometimes your pool area isn’t simply a place for you and your family to have endless fun. Maybe you’ve designed and built a backyard area that is made for entertaining friends, and the pool is a crucial part of the stunning backdrop. If you want your pool to receive glowing reviews the first, second, and third time that you have guests over, you must keep it crystal clean. And with a cartridge pool filter system, you can maintain that stunning aesthetic without spending hours trying to do so.

If you’re looking to take your pool cleaning game to the next level, why not check out our range of pool filter cartridges for sale online or get in touch with our friendly, expert staff. We believe that a clean pool is a key to a world of enjoyment, for you, your family, and any guests you invite over. And the way to make sure that key continues to work is to invest in a proper pool filtration system.