Covers for Swimming Pools


Pool Blankets

How they work:geobubble-diagram-1

Benefits of Pool Blankets:

  • Decrease Water and Heat Loss – A typical pool will evaporate between 100-200L of water daily. Pools lose about 70% of their heat through water loss from the pool surface and an additional 20% of heat is lost due to heat searing into the air.
  • Rises Temperature – The air inside the bubbles is quickly heated up by the sun, moving warmth to your pool water. Sunlover Heating solar blankets have almost double the amount of bubbles than other blankets, with 11,500 per square metre.
  • Prevents Debris entering – Sunlover Heating solar blankets avert almost all airborne dirt from entering the pool. This eliminates pressure on the filter and cleaning equipment, providing an extended lifespan for them.
  • Cuts Chemical loss – Sunlover Heating solar blankets assist in keeping pool chemicals in the water by up to 50%.


Pool Blanket

Pool Covers


thermalThere are many benefits to owning a Thermal pool cover. They are designed to retain heat, have lasting quality and be visually appealing. This type of cover will also save pool owners water, energy, time and money! They require less upkeep than others and won’t deteriorate overtime.

Thermal covers are made from a high-quality, foam material and save 90% of the pool’s water. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools of most shapes and sizes.


Winter Mesh

Untitled-design-16If you don’t plan on using your pool throughout the cooler seasons, then a Sunbather Winter Mesh Cover is ideal for you. Saves hours of maintenance and simply forget about your pool throughout winter. Once summer arrives, a wonderful and sparkling pool will be awaiting you ready to be enjoyed.

The mesh cover fits tightly over your pool with easy attachments to guarantee leaves, dirt and other debris are kept away from the pool.

Pool Cover Rollers

Sunlover Downunder Rollers

downunder51Concealing pool covers underground is growing in popularity with pool owners due to the flush look it achieves. Situated out of vision, the Sunbathers Downunder range of pool cover rollers are simple to use and can be controlled standing up.

The roller device is hidden in a cavity at one end of the pool and is sheltered by a cover. The Downunder will save pool owners water, energy and money.

This product acquired the Gold award at the 2014 Victorian SPASA awards, and Bronze at the                                                                  SPASA National Awards of excellence for product innovation.

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