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Pre Filtration

Pre Filtration

Waterco has created an award winning pre filtration product called the MultiCyclone. It works on the foundation of centrifugal water filtration, has no moving parts and won’t require filter medias to be cleaned or replaced.

Pool owners will love the reduced workload the MultiCyclone allows. It pre filters up to 80% of dirt entering the filter’s and as it captures more and more dirt, the flow rate remains unaffected.

Benefits of Pre Filtration:

  • Improves pool water circulation
  • Increases the performance of the automatic pool cleaner and in floor cleaning system
  • Allows for greater pool vacuuming without disrupting the pool filter.
  • Minimises filter maintenance and saves water
  • Reduces backwash frequency to once a year, saving users up to 7,000L of water per year
  • Decreases the need for cartridge cleaning and replacement to once a swimming season

To see how the pre-water works watch on the following video. If you wish to skip the branding go straight to 55 seconds.