Solar Heating for Swimming Pools

Given our sun filled country, there is no better time to consider using solar power to heat your pool. No matter the type of solar heating product, they all work in the same way. Cold water is pumped from your pool through solar absorbers, which will be baking nicely on your hot roof. The water will then collect heat and return to your pool warm.

The same way you would control a gas heater, you will be able to control your water temperature by an electronic controller. Not only is this method of heating a more affordable and environmentally friendly option, it also allows for you to extend your swimming season by weeks or months.

The benefits of solar heating are many, however here are just a few of the best ones:

  • Cost efficient
  • Increase your swimming season and times
  • These products are state of the art and excellent quality, meaning long lasting products
  • Multiple colours available to suit any roof
  • Easy installation means less hassle for you

The product offered by Endless Pools is a durable product from Sunlover Heating. This product is multi layered to allow for increased durability, minimal leaks, increased resistance to collapse and is specially formulated for maximum chemical resistance. The outer layer of this product allows for increased UV weathering resistance, meaning longer life; the outer tubing is also formulated to have increased toughness to resist damage and puncturing.

Due to the high quality of materials used by Sunlover Heating and Endless Pools, these products are vermin and Cockatoo resistant, meaning less damage from unwanted visitors.

Types of Solar Heating:

Rigid Panel Solar Heating

This modern type of solar heating features cutting edge design and engineering to bring pool owners effective and dependable pool heating at a low cost.

Rigid Panel Solar Heating is the strongest solar panel available and has the best BTU on the market, a measurement of thermal heat energy. They are highly efficient in the way that once installed, no further upkeep or expenditure is required.


Strip Solar Heating

This type of solar heating features brand new Multi Layered Technology. This exterior has the greatest UV weather resistance available to ensure a long lifespan. It’s material allows for better solar intake that also resists damage and puncturing.

It’s interior features excellent sealing to prevent leaks, crushing and splitting. This great design is available in a range of colours and will not affect the look of your roof.