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Solar Heating

Given our sun filled country, there is no better time to consider using solar power to heat your Swim Spa. No matter the type of solar heating product, they all work in the same way. Cold water is pumped from your pool through solar absorbers, which will be baking nicely on your hot roof. The water will then collect heat and return to your Swim Spa warm.

The same way you would control a gas heater, you will be able to control your water temperature by an electronic controller. Not only is this method of heating a more affordable and environmentally friendly option, it also allows for you to extend your swimming season by weeks or months.

The benefits of solar heating are many, however here are just a few of the best ones:
  • Cost efficient
  • Increase your swimming season and times
  • These products are state of the art and excellent quality, meaning long lasting products
  • Multiple colours available to suit any roof
  • Easy installation means less hassle for you

The product offered by Endless® is a durable product from Sunlover Heating. This product is multi layered to allow for increased durability, minimal leaks, increased resistance to collapse and is specially formulated for maximum chemical resistance. The outer layer of this product allows for increased UV weathering resistance, meaning longer life; the outer tubing is also formulated to have increased toughness to resist damage and puncturing.

Due to the high quality of materials used by Sunlover Heating and Endless® Pools, these products are vermin and Cockatoo resistant, meaning less damage from unwanted visitors.

Solar Pool Heaters: The Future is Greener

At Endless Pools and Spas, we believe that you should be able to enjoy your swimming pool year-round, and not just when the cricket is on, and the in-laws have come to stay. But with gas and electricity prices only moving in one direction—the wrong direction—it’s only natural that we should feel apprehensive about heating the pool whenever we fancy. That is why we’ve made it our mission to supply the highest-quality solar pool heating in Melbourne. With the right solar pool heater, you can swim whenever it pleases you, regardless of the weather, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that making a greener energy choice gives you.

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While the benefits of using solar heating for your swimming pool are many, there are a few that will win over even the most stubborn solar critic. One, they are cost-efficient. Given that you are drawing on Nature’s most powerful heat source, the Sun, your solar pool heater will charge daily, even when the weather in Melbourne is less than inspiring. This means you’ll rely less on traditional pool heating methods, which means your energy bills will be smaller.

Two, with modern technology, the choices of solar heating for swimming pools are both diverse and ultramodern. The two main types are rigid solar pool heating panels and strip solar pool heating. The wonderful thing about rigid solar pool heating panels is that they are reliable, highly efficient, and long-lasting. And in a city like Melbourne, where the weather is unpredictable, having solar pool heating with these attributes is a must. Strip solar pool heating, meanwhile, is also UV and damage-resistant, while having the added benefit of being physically flexible, which means that it can be made to suit any roof or surface, no matter the size or shape.

Discover the lasting benefits of Solar Pool Heating Installation

Installing anything at your house can be a hassle, and often we’ll put things off for this very reason. The beauty of solar pool heating installation is that it is hassle-free, which means you can focus on enjoying your swimming pool year-round without the worry of whether the installation runs smoothly.

While the physical benefits of swimming are well-documented, the benefits for our mental wellbeing are just as important. And being able to swim whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home, is a luxury that cannot be overstated. With a solar pool heater this is entirely possible.

If you want to make your pool a place you can enjoy year-round, without increasing your energy bills, contact the friendly, expert staff at Endless Pools and Spas. No matter the design of your house or the size of your pool, we’re confident we have the right solar heating for your swimming pool, so that every day can be a swimming day.