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Our Showroom

Our Showroom

As our retail showroom reflects our brand, presentation of merchandise and a clean, professional space is of the utmost importance. The showroom was custom-designed to provide customers with the ultimate spa retailing experience. This helps us to achieve our goal of making the selection of a spa or pool a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Visualise the Product in Your Home

The key purpose of our merchandising strategy is to help our customers easily visualise how their spa or pool may appear in their home once it is installed. To help our customers ‘visualise’ the end result, and to create ideas about landscaping and the surrounding construction, our showroom floor features:

  • Three fully operational spas
  • A Swim Spa and Plunge Display, which includes decking, EdgeCap® Technology, Glass Fencing
  • Constructed gazebos
  • 6 Swimming Pools
Products Displayed to Their Best Advantage

Our glass windows are tinted to reflect UV rays whilst still allowing natural light to shine in. We have also utilised the latest energy efficient fluorescent lights to let us to present our products to their best advantage whilst still remaining environmentally conscientious.

The showroom exhibits up to 60 spas, set atop sealed and polished concrete floors, creating a mirror effect to enhance the theme of water.

To alert our customers to sales opportunities, we use signage both inside and outside the showroom. Everything is under one roof in our showroom. There is a lot of space, natural light and a clear presentation of merchandise in our showroom, making nothing difficult to find.

Easy Shopping For Chemicals and Accessories

Chemicals and accessory items are clearly labelled to make them easy to recognise for purchase. They are available to buy 7 days a week from our fully stocked on-site Spa Shop which features competitively priced merchandise.

Our highly trained team members can offer detailed information on our entire range of products. This is a key component of our service department that is highly valued by customers.


Plasma televisions have been installed in the showroom to demonstrate detailed product information and installation ideas. The aim is to inform and inspire customers about the product they are considering investing in.

Our website and online shop continues to be a simple way for customers to purchase and obtain information regarding our products. The website is regularly updated with new and relevant material.

We have also introduced the use of Apple iPads in the Showroom as a hand’s on tool for customers to gain further access and view images of spas in-situ.

Stock Holdings and Storage Capabilities

We have storage facilities that hold up to 108 spas. If required, this allows a customer to purchase and take delivery of a spa on the same day.

Customer Comfort

We play beautiful music in the showroom to enhance our customer’s relaxation as that is one of the lovely benefits of owning a spa.

We also provide customers with access to our luxury kitchen to allow time to read specification materials and discuss options all whilst enjoying a complimentary tea or coffee. Our customers have access to modern restroom facilities and all year round central heating and cooling.

Our showroom and warehouse is cleaned weekly by professionals and our working spa models are inspected regularly for correct water balance and hygiene. The sales team members take pride in maintaining high bathroom, kitchen and showroom cleanliness standards.

With all of these elements in place, we aim to provide our customers with the ultimate spa-purchasing experience.