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ProPure Ozone System

ProPure Ozone System

Crystal ProPure Water Purification combines the OzonatorDynamic Injector, and the ProPure Mixing Chamber.
All components work together to create AN INNOVATIVE WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM.

The Nature2 option is a Patented Technology uses silver and copper minerals to naturally destroy bacteria and algae.

The Microfiltration removes contaminants such as dirt, metals, and oil by water passage through a Microporus Membrane.

Water is cycled through the high efficiency Circulation Pump filtering water up to 30 Gallons per minute.

Oxygen Molecules are split by electrodes and then Oxygen Atoms unite with other oxygen molecules to produce high output ozone.

The Ozone generator produces ozone and the Dynamic Injector then shoots Ozone into the ProPure Mixing Chamber, where it mixes with water and air. This chamber keeps the ozone concentrated in a small body of water. The Isolated Chamber allows the ozone to remain undiluted, hence it can efficiently kill more bacteria, fungi, and viruses than if it was directly injected into the entire spa.

Water exits the unit and flows into the spa resulting in clean and Purified Spa Water