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Pool ColourGuard® by Hydrawall

Sidebanner colourguard Colourguard is a world-wide patent pending product that offers a superior colour option for fibreglass pools.
Beware of unsubstantiated claims of comparison or cheaper alternatives colours by other pool manufacturers as they cannot offer you all of the advantages of ColourGuard.

Colourguard only delivers all of the following quality benefits…

WON’T FADE – Pool ColourGuard surface protection resists the effects of both UV rays and chemicals and guarantees pool colour will not fade.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – We go beyond the typical SPASA contract and offer a pool ColourGuard lifetime interior surface guarantee as well as an extended lifetime Structural Warranty

QUALITY BUILDER – We are a registered builder company who frequently undergoes regular audits to ensure our customers receive the highest quality building services.

GREATER STRENGTH – Our pools feature well supported steps and bench seating, as well as a broader edge beam, meaning the pool is self-sufficiently structured and has no need for additional engineering. New high strength, deterioration resistant fibreglass creates pools up to 20% stronger.

PREVENTS BACTERIA – Microtech Anti-Microbial Pool Protection protects the pool’s surface against bacteria growth and ensures a hygienic and safer swim for your family.

BETTER SUPPLIES – Our pools are all created with modern, decay resistant and environmentally friendly fibreglass that enhance strength.

EXACT MOULDS – The latest designs are constructed using a 5-axis CNC router with computer generated sculpting robots to ensure moulds are built to accurate tolerances. The edge beams are correct and the pool shapes are geometrically exact.



Embrace Fibreglass Pool Colours with Colourguard

One of the few drawbacks to living in a country with weather as stunning and wild as Australia is that it can take its toll not just on us but on our homes. And just as we all grew up learning the importance of keeping ourselves protected from the Sun’s UV rays, we’re now recognising the importance of protecting our homes and assets from the same prolonged exposure. Outdoor pools are no different. Despite being full of water most of the time, a pool’s surface will show the effects of the Sun over time. With pool colourguard, though, we can now keep our backyard pool protected without it losing colour or aesthetic appeal.

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At Endless Pools and Spas, we have a wonderful selection of pool Colourguard colours to suit any design or colour preference, meaning that no matter what aesthetic you have in mind, we’ll have a fibreglass pool colour that can either be the centrepiece of the design or blend seamlessly into the background.

We understand that all great pools manage to strike a perfect balance between being eye-pleasing and being functional. And while a pool’s appearance will have no influence on your ability to enjoy swimming in it, if its colour begins to look tired and uninspiring, you may feel less inclined to invite friends over for afternoon barbeques.

When you use Colourguard, though, any fears that your pool will look unsuitable for social events will quickly vanish. The versatile selection of fibreglass swimming pool colours on offer means you’ll never have to compromise on the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Whether you want a black surface for your pool that provides a stunning contrast to the sandstone tiles that surround it or would rather a classic blue tone to complement its white marble edges, at Endless Pools and Spas we’ll have the colour that brings your pool to life.

The beauty of pool Colourguard is in its dual-layer surface protection system. As opposed to the single colour layer found in most traditional swimming pools, which is susceptible to damage from the Sun and elements, pool Colourguard merges a clear protection layer over the colour layer. The result is a pool surface that looks vibrant and keeps its integrity long after installation. The fact that it’s the only pool surface system that holds an Australian Product Excellence Award is proof enough that when you use pool Colourguard you are getting the best of both worlds.

If you’re after a fibreglass pool for your backyard and want it to look as though it is its own fountain of youth, check out the range of fibreglass swimming pool colours on offer here at Endless Pools and Spas. Our friendly, expert staff have years of award-winning service to vouch for their exceptional approach. But what sets us apart is that we still have the same love for pools and spas that we had when we first started this journey, and it’s a love we will share with you as you search for the perfect pool.