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Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Sit back and relax while your Swimming Pool gets thoroughly scrubbed cleaned by an innovative Robotic Cleaner. Taking the pool market by storm, these cleaners are ideal for time poor families looking to automatically keep their pool clean and safe for swimmers. This energy efficient product works very quietly and is available at Endless® Pools and Spas in both floor and wall models.


There are many benefits to utilising a Robotic Cleaner to assist in cleaning your swimming pool. Their superior cleaning ability makes them easy to use and diminishes the amount of maintenance required. They all feature in-built sensors and controls that enable them to map out and easily roam around the entire pool. The robots don’t simply suck debris from the pool but are also designed to scrub the pool surfaces as well.

Our Robots all have strong suction power and the ability to climb pool walls. They are also able to help circulate water allowing for clearer pool water.

They also benefit the environment in several ways. They not only save you power and water but also help to reduce the amount of chemicals required to add to the water. Pool owners can systematically clean their swimming pool without the need for any filtering equipment. Simply put the robot in and then take it out once the pool is clean. This action results in decreased energy costs.

Please note: robotic cleaners are not suitable for all Swim Spa/Plunge Pool models. Our sales staff will be able to assist you.

Models of Robotic Cleaners available at Endless® Pools and Spas:

  • Dolphin E10 & S100 Robotic Cleaners
  • Max 1 Robotic Cleaner – Astral
  • RB & RBX Robotic Pool Cleaners – Bag Filter Astral
  • RPX Premium Robotic Pool Cleaner – Bag Filter Astral
  • RF Robotic Pool Cleaner Astral
  • RT & RTX Robotic Pool Cleaners – Canister Filter Astral

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