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Stainless Steel H2O PowerFlow Jet Design

Stainless Steel H2O PowerFlow Jet Design

Exclusive to the Artesian Elite line of spas

2” H20 PowerFlow Direct:

These “hand jets” located at the base of each seat and lounge are designed to give each user the flexibility to control and adjust the flow in any desired direction – perfect for melting away tension and creating a euphoric release of tight and commonly overworked muscles.

3” H20 PowerFlow Mini Roto:

This jet is the centerpiece of the Artesian Elite line – making up the majority of jets in our hydrotherapy spa line. Technological advances have helped develop a fully-rotational helix flow, designed to release residual tension in the back and legs – two commonly troublesome areas.

3” H20 PowerFlow Mini Massage:

Many people carry tension in their neck. This fixed massaging jet distributes flow through multiple orifices, designed specifically to disengage the overworked muscles in the neck, creating a chain-reaction of therapeutic benefits that can help whisk you away into a state of relaxation.

5” H20 PowerFlow Roto:

These high-pressure jets are engineered to help alleviate deep aches, pains and bothersome tension in the lower back area. Just a few quick minutes dedicated to your hydrotherapy routine can have lasting effects on your stress levels, your body and your mental clarity.

5” H20 PowerFlow Hydro Extreme:

These specialized whirlpool jets are located atop The Artesian Elite spas. The “eyeball” design gives maximum control and a targeted, stress-relieving experience for the middle region of your back. Ease your lower back into a heavenly release with a few dedicated moments of self-care, each and every day.

7” H20 PowerFlow Footblaster :

Your feet work hard for you every day. It only makes sense to ensure that you are giving your feet the opportunity to feel refreshed and renewed, with some dedicated massage time. Your feet deserve the best. Show them some serious love with these high-pressure massaging jets, which offer a perfect amount of warmth and pressure to soothe your tired feet and rejuvenate your soul.