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TidalFit Aquatic Training System

TidalFit Aquatic Training System

Maximize your workout in your exercise pool you can choose between the Stationary Resistant Swim and/or the Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords.

Stationary Resistant Swim Tether

The Stationary Resistant Swim Tether is designed to enable users to swim continuously in their pools no matter the size and length. It can be used inconjunction with or without the swim jets, allowing swimmers of all skill levels to achieve the optimal swimming experience.

Strength TrainingCords-ChestPress

Resistant Cords, Clips and Handles

Cords can be used for curls, tricep extensions, chest press, shoulder pulls and back pulls. These upper body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumber core stability. The cords vary in size to accommodate beginners and advanced conditioning.


Rowing Bars

Smooth, low-impact, and non-load baring, rowing spreads the exercise intensity evenly over the body’s three major muscle groups: torso, legs and arms. This even distribution of exercise helps to tone all muscles, instead of just one group.