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TidalFit Swimming Systems

TidalFit Swimming Systems

Stay heart healthy with a regular exercise program. In water your body is weightless and doesn’t put weight on your joints like other cardio activities. This makes swimming an ideal way to exercise if you are recovering from an injury or have joints problems.

TidalFit models have their own unique swim systems. The swimming jet systems offer the swimmer a controlled current to increase swim intensity. Low intensity is perfect for the beginner swimmer. For the pro swimmer the current can be adjusted for high intensity to get the ultimate workout.

There is also an option of including a Stationary Swim System, with or without swim jets.

Quad Swim Jet System

The Premium EP-14 and Pro EP-15 offer 4 adjustable swim jets for a powerful current.

Stationary Swim System

The Stationary Swim System is designed to enable users to swim continuously in their pools no matter the size and length.

The Stationary Swim harness is installed at the opposite end to the swim jets and once harnesses are attached to the swimmers, you are able to swim on the spot without turning around, meaning concentration on your technique and strokes. The harness provided is a sturdy and comfortable device which, once finished, will slowly pull you back to the starting position to start again or remove your harness.

The Stationary Swim System can be used with or without the swim jets, to cater for all swimming capabilities.