The Endless® Charming River is a modern designed swimming pool to suit all outdoor living areas. The positioning of the the bench running down one side adds to the feeling of luxury as the entire family can unwind at the water’s edge. Impressively the Charming River is still able to offer a generous uninterrupted swimming area.

Features of the Charming River:

• Sleek design to fit almost all backyards
• Uninterrupted swimming space
• Long bench for relaxing and children

External Measurements
Length: 7120
Width:   3630
Depth:  N/A

Internal Measurements
Length: 6800
Width:   3300
Depth:  1100 -1680

Litres: 22,300

Please Note:
Some pools depicted in photos on this website have options fitted and are not standard specifications. Additional costs apply to any optional upgrades.




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Standard Inclusions

Equipment Package:
– Whisper Quiet Filtration Pump
– Antimicrobial Filter System
– Chemical Start-Up Kit
– Vacuum System











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