Spa Combos

Modern Inground Spas and Pools in Melbourne

Create the ultimate luxury for yourself, your friends, and your family with Endless Pools and Spas, Melbourne. Created as an addition to your existing pool or built-in conjunction with your new pool, a spa is the perfect indulgence that will make your backyard the place to be this summer!

Our pool and spa combos are available in a multitude of attractive colours to compliment your existing garden arrangement. You can choose to have your pool and spa be delivered as standard or customised to include water features, head rests, spa jets, heating, sanitation, filtration, and hydrotherapy to name just a handful of the optional upgrades available.

Whether you’re looking for an escape for the adults, or somewhere fun for the kids to play, Endless Pools and Spas offers something for everyone. Our family-owned business has been building and innovating swimming pools and spas since 1992 and has been collected dozens of awards from the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA). To get started on creating your very own backyard oasis, contact our experienced and professional team today. We look forward to bringing you your very own slice of paradise.

Our Range Spa Combos