The Endless® Significant Lake caters for families of all sizes. With the variation in depth and safety ledge the Significant Lake is suitable for all ages. With its modern geometric design it will make a statement in your backyard.  The safety ledge can be used to relax and unwind while chatting with friends and family.

Features of the Significant Lake :
  • Safety ledge along both sides
  • Step in and out on all 4 corners
  • Huge open swimming area for exercise or pleasure
  • Modern geometric design

External Measurements
Length: 7700
Width:   3800
Depth:   N/A

Internal Measurements
Length: 7300
Width:   3400
Depth:  1090 -1900

Litres:  25,400

Please Note:
Some pools depicted in photos on this website have options fitted and are not standard specifications. Additional costs apply to any optional upgrades.

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Standard Inclusions

Equipment Package:
– Whisper Quiet Filtration Pump
– Antimicrobial Filter System
– Chemical Start-Up Kit
– Vacuum System










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