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Luxury Bathroom Spa Bath: Convenience meets Opulence

When you hear the word luxury what comes to mind? A first-class ticket around the world? Or plush leather seating in your custom Rolls-Royce? What about a freestanding spa in your ensuite bathroom? If you answered yes to that last question you’ve come to the right place. At Endless Pools and Spas, we love bathroom spas. So much so that we’ve created a wonderful and extensive range of bathroom spa baths to suit any bathroom, no matter the size or complexity of the space.
Read MoreStereotypes are never helpful, and few items are as weighed down by outdated ideas and opinions as a spa bathtub. Traditionally thought of as exclusive property of the wealthy and aristocratic, these days luxury spas are accessible and affordable to every household. Modern bathroom spa baths are also versatile in their designs. Gone are the days when the only luxury spa bath you could get was a corner spa bath; now you can get a luxury spa bath in several different sizes and shapes. Whether you want a traditional corner spa bath, a double spa bath, a freestanding spa bath, an oval spa bath, a square or rectangular spa bath, it doesn’t matter; regardless of your design or aesthetic preferences or the precise size and shape of your bathroom, we’re confident we’ll have the spa bathtub that perfectly suits your needs. It isn’t just luxury that bathroom spas deserve to be remembered for either. Just as outdoor spa baths are celebrated for their physical and mental health benefits, so should bathroom spa baths. Whether you want to alleviate muscle and joint pain, improve circulation, relieve stress and anxiety, or simply improve your mood, a bathroom spa can help. Anytime you want. In an age where time and money are becoming more and more elusive, not having to visit and spend money on the gym or public pool for your rest and recuperation is vital. And of course, it’s important not to forget the timeless activity of soaking away a long day’s work with your partner, something that will never lose its charm, regardless of trends or opinions.

The finest Spa Baths for Sale in Melbourne

If you feel it’s time to elevate your bathroom from a place of pure functionality to a place where you enjoy spending time, get in touch with the friendly, amazing, expert staff at Endless Pools and Spas. We have over 40 years of experience introducing Melbourne families to the incredible benefits that having a spa bathtub in your home can bring. No matter whether you want a corner, oval, rectangular, or freestanding spa, we’re confident that one of our superior spa baths for sale will perfectly complement your new or existing bathroom aesthetic. At Endless Pools and Spas, we believe luxury is something everyone is entitled to, and with a bathroom spa you can enjoy luxury whenever you want, day or night.