Super Swim Pro System


The Super Swim Pro System is designed to enable users to swim continuously in their pools no matter the size and length. The Swim Pro System is easily installed into any Endless Pool, and allows the user flexibility with their pool size whilst still maintaining the health benefits that come with swimming. This product has helped swimmers of all skill levels improve their performance for over 25 years due to it’s excellent water resistance.

The Super Swim Pro encourages a natural swimming position despite the stroke you’re using and no matter how hard you’re swimming. It even works even in the smallest of pools.

The Swim Pro harness is installed at the shallow end of your pool and once harnesses are attached to the swimmers, you are able to swim on the spot without turning around, meaning concentration on your technique and strokes. The harness provided is a sturdy and comfortable device which once finished will slowly pull you back to the starting position in the shallow end to start again or remove your harness.

This product is perfect for those with a small backyard who are limited by the size of the pool they are able to have, but still wish to utilise the health benefits associated with swimming.

Benefits of the Super Swim Pro System:superswim-500x500

  • Promotes good health
  • A natural swimming experience
  • Zero stress workout
  • Cost effective option
  • Easily installed Harness


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